Ninon Duret



- Avignon - Provence - Moody -


My name is Ninon I’m a photographer and videographer.

The things that I like are music, tattoos, plants, garage sales, retro gaming, concerts and festivals.

I am moved by everything new, innovation, old things and small meaningless details.

My motto is discovery, sharing and love

My pics style is called by some ‘moody’, others call it ‘drama’. What so ever I try to bring intimacy and emotions into my photos. They are often composed with dark and warm tones.

I love traveling, wondering around places and for your project, I will always (love youuuuuuuuuu) figure out a way to join you.


Your weeding is a unique moment. You will probably want to remember it your whole life.

My goal is to make you cry once more when you have reached an old age sitting next to your lover in front of a chimney fire in an old wooden house looking at those memories (do you get the picture?).

If you are a fun couple, maybe a little childish that like to tease each other or even a completely crazy couple…

We are made to get along and I’d loooooove to get to know you more!


Who is Ninon Duret ?

- My vision -

Hello, my name is Ninon. I will be happy to at your side for your wedding in Avignon. During a wedding I like to work simply, in a relaxed and friendly way. So let’s keep it casual!

Your wedding memories are precious and will follow you your whole life. To create those strong memories we need to trust each other.

Since 2014 I have been working as a photographer and videographer for weddings. I have been working for the last ten years as a photographer specialised in event. This experience makes me good at capturing the moment in a true and authentic way. These moments will become your wedding memories.

I will immortalise your wedding with my own style. Some call it ‘moody’, others call it ‘drama’.  My pictures bring intimacy and emotions and are composed with dark and warm tones.

It will a delight to discover the magical places in Avignon and in Provence that you have chosen to capture the image of your love.


My point about the role of moody wedding photographer and videographer ?

Your wedding in Provence will be a precious moment to immortalise. That day will be emotionally intense. The moody wedding photographer and videographer is here to make that the vision of your wedding shows through everything he or she capture.

The moody wedding photographer and videographer that suits you isn’t the cheapest one or the one that just makes pretty pictures. He or she is the one that will you follow you and your lover throughout the wedding. From the intimacy of the wedding preparations into the moving celebration of love until the party and its crazy dances.

The photographer and videographer with a moody style of your dreams is happy to discuss as long as needed of your wedding. As I wrote above your photographer and videographer will be there throughout your wedding.

Not only during the celebration but also before and after.

After all it might be the person with whom you’ll be most in contact. Whether it is before, during or after your wedding he or she will be there to discuss with a coffee nearby Avignon, by Skype or a quick text message. All excuses are good to maintain this unique and wonderful relationship.

The moody wedding photographer and videographer tailored for you is trustworthy and makes you comfortable. My style is to capture the moment instead of steady poses in order to capture emotions between you and your lover. I design my couple photos shoot as an intimate moment in cocoon. My only instruction is to forget that I am here. You will be able to live a simple moment by looking at each other, by kissing and expressing your love. I will be right there to capture these moments.

I live in Avignon, Provence, south of France, but i'm available worldwide